Kindergarten Supply List

keep for fall reference

  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • Bag or backpack
  • 8 glue sticks
  • 2 package Clorox or Lysol wipes
  • 1 bottle glue – small size
  • 1 pair small Fiskars brand scissors
  • 1 Box of Kleenex
  • 1 Plastic Folder
  • Supply fee of $5 (this will go towards pencils & crayons that the teacher will purchase).
  • If your last name begins with A-M
    1 Box of large Ziploc bags
  • If your last name begins with N-Z
    1 Box of small Ziploc bags

Kindergarten Schedule


8:00-8:30   Arrival & Table Work


8:30-9:15   Morning Meeting (Prayer, Bible Story, Pledge, Calendar, Review, Phonograms & Numbers, Daily News


9:15-9:30   Snack and Restroom


9:30-9:50   Spalding


9:50-10:00   Get Up and Move/Music


10:00-10:30   Math


10:30-11:30   Centers


11:35-12:00   Lunch


12:00-12:30   Recess or Spanish


12:30-1:00   Rest at Desk


1:00-2:00   Centers, Social Studies or Science


2:00-2:30   Pack Backpacks, Show and Tell, Story, Go Home








3rd Thursday of Month----Library


Program for Kindergarten

I. READING READINESS – Science Research Associates Books

PRIMARY PHONICS - First Readers, Educators Publishing Service

A. Verbal-meaning of words; vocabulary, alphabet

B. Word fluency-speaking, retelling stories

C.  Memory

D.  Motor-eyes left to right

E. Perception (perceptual-speed) Ability to recognize likeness and Differences -one symbol from another

F. Listening-initial sounds-rhyming, storytelling

G. Following directions

H.  Working independently

I.  Sequence of stories

J. Comprehension-understanding and retaining material heard

K. Distinguish real and make-believe, true and false

L.  Make conclusions and comparisons

M. Enjoyment of literature

II. WRITING READINESS-Pencil, Crayons, Paper, Workbooks, Art Activities,

Chalk Slates, Spalding Direction in Writing Tablets

A. Hand and eye movement and control

B. Small motor skill activities

C.  Alphabet

D.  Spalding Method of Letter Formation


A. Listening – stories and poems

B. Speaking – poetry and prose

C.  Retelling stories

D.  Dramatization

E. Illustration

F. Discussion

G. Understanding sequence in stories

H.  Show and tell

I.  Alphabet

IV. MATHEMATICS – A Beka Book Coompany

A. Location positions, following directions – top, bottom, above, below, left, right

B. Classification – finding and indentifying sets by color, shape, or size

C.  Number and Numerals to 100 – order, counting, ordinal

D.  Patterns – recognizing patterns; order, color, shape, or size

E. Geometry – shapes, box, cube, tent, ball, can rectangle, square, trangle, circle

F. Measurement – length, distance, area, time, money

G. Operations – Addition and Subtraction with numbers

V. PHONICS – Spalding Symbol – sound Relations

A. Consonant and Vowel sounds

B. Tablets and Chalkboards

C. Pictures and Charts

D. Flash Cards

E. Records and games

VI. SOCIAL STUDIES – Units, Weekly Reader, Picture Packets

A. Seasons

B. Science

C.  Holidays

D.  Home and community

E. Field trips

F. Geography

G. History


A. Songs and hymns

B. Listening to cd’s

C.  Rhythms

D.  Finger plays

E. Drama

F. Rhythm band


A. Crayons

B. Clay

C.  Creative activity – cutting, gluing

D.  Finger painting

E. Chalk painting

F. Paper mache

G. Collages

H.  Easel painting

I.  Murals


A. Bible stories

B. Scripture learning

C.  Prayers

D.  Hymns

E. Church Worship Experience

F. A Beka Bible Curriculum


A. Patriotic activities

B. Classroom behavior and attentiveness

C. Work habits

D. Respect for authority

E. Respect for others

F. Social maturity

G. Self-discipline


A. Large motor skills

B. Coordination

C. Sportsmanship

D. Following directions

E.  Basic children’s games – experience and knowledge


XII. TESTING – Metropolitan Readiness Test


A. Nine-week report cards

B. Parent conferences

1. Mid-year

2. End-of-year

Dress Code (Grades Pre-K - 2nd)

As the styles change and parents purchase clothing for the spring and summer seasons, we want to clarify the required dress code for Fredonia Hill Baptist Academy.

  • Caps should not be worn in school.
  • Flip-flops are not allowed at any time.
  • Principal has authority to make final decision for questionable attire of students.
  • Tennis shoes MUST be worn to physical education.

For Chapel

Boys wear long pants & a shirt with a collar. Girls wear dresses, skirts or jumpers. No see-through blouses that reveal undergarments or spaghetti straps. Girls may wear leggings with their dresses, skirts, or jumpers. The dresses, skirts, or jumpers must be finger-tip.